II/602 Brno Jihlavská, bridge 602-001

At the end of 2017, the reconstruction of the bridge over the I / 23 (four-lane conveyor from the Pisárecký tunnel on the D1 - Bítešská street) was started in the cadastral area Nový Lískovec and Starý Lískovec in Brno. For Road Administration and Maintenance of the South Moravian Region, Contribution Organization of the Region. The bridge is located on the local road (Jihlavská street), which is the road II. Class 602. The communication connects the center of the city of Brno (the city part of Bohunice) with the border of the city of Brno towards Jihlava (district of Bosonohy). It is a bridge with four continuous fields. The supporting structure consists of an orthotropic plate made of 17 pre-assembled prefabricated beams KA-67, 98/85. Reconstruction of the bridge will be done halfway through bidirectional traffic on the bridge.

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