III/15289 Brno Evropská, bridge 15289‐1

During the years 2018 and 2019, the construction works for the reconstruction of the bridge ev.č. 15289-1 over gall. track, including construction modifications of adjacent road III / 15289 for Road Administration and Maintenance of the South Moravian Region, contributory organization of the region. The building is located in the outskirts of Brno (ul. Evropská). It is the only publicly accessible communication to Brno Airport a.s., which connects the Brno-Slatina city district with Brno Airport a.s. with CTPark Šlapanice (CTP Invest spol. s ro). The demolition of the existing and construction of the new bridge ev.č. 15289-1, and construction of the adjacent section of road III / 15289.

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