Silnice I/11 Ostrava, bridges

In March 2018, the reconstruction of bridges ev.č. 1-143B and 11-144 transferring road I / 11 through the access road to Hornbach, the railway siding and the Ostravici river. The client is the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic, the Ostrava administration.
Both existing bridges date back to 1963. It is a steel-concrete load-bearing structure with a coupling in an inserted field. Statically, this is the Gerber beam. Most ev.č. 11-143B is a two-pole with a central swingarm. Most ev.č. 11-144 is three-pole with massive center pillars. During the construction, it will be necessary to make partial closures of the I / 11 road. Reconstruction will take place halfway through. there will be two lanes away from Havířov, and the traffic from Vítkovice will be driven by roundabouts. Freight transport (except for buses and IZS vehicles) will be banned during the reconstruction on the bridges and will lead along the route.

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