Areas of expertise:

We specialise in:

  • Maintenance, construction and reconstruction of rail tracks and sidings
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of tramlines
  • Construction of roads
  • Construction of bridges
  • Building construction
  • Water and landscape construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Designing and engineering in construction

Recently our company managed to fulfil the plans and objectives set in previous years and strengthen our position in the above mentioned field of construction.

Railway constructions – we participate in the modernisation of railway corridors and track optimisation, as well as railway investment and repair projects. Some of the projects implemented as a consortium leader or independent contractor include for example Modernisation of Ostrava Hrušov – Bohumín Vrbice railway or Reconstruction of Ptení station rail tracks. Apart from investment projects, our company is a significant supplier of repair and maintenance works on railways.

Road constructions – we developed our potential for independent implementation of large projects, for example we participated in the Construction of D1-0135 Kroměříž East – Říkovice or I/19 Žďár nad Sázavou – Nové Město na Moravě, Road I/60 Javorník – bypass, Road I/44 Vlachov – Rájec, R46 Interchange Vranovice-Kelčice and Interchange Brodek u Prostějova, Road I/35 Valašské Meziříčí, Lešná, Stage 2 etc. Apart from large road and highway constructions we build local roads, cycle paths, parking areas, forest and country roads.

Bridge constructions – our company specialises in the construction and reconstruction of road bridges, railway bridges and pedestrian bridges. Our portfolio includes reinforced-concrete bridges, steel bridges, wooden bridges and flexible steel structures (Tubosider). Apart from bridges our Bridge Department specialises in the construction of abutment and retaining walls and other reinforced-concrete structures not only in the field of transport constructions.

Building construction – our company builds industrial halls, we also participated in other building constructions.

Water and landscape construction – in this area our company specialises in adjustments to watercourses, constructions and repairs of artificial structures on watercourses. Most river ports on the Bata Canal were constructed or reconstructed by our company.

Civil engineering – our company builds engineering networks as a part of larger projects or independently. We also build waste water treatment plants and other engineering structures.

Designing and engineering in construction – we provide comprehensive designing and engineering services in the construction industry.

In most cases, we carried out the above mentioned projects as a general contractor. Our investors are the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and organizations controlled by this Ministry, specifically the Railway Infrastructure Administration, Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic and Waterways Directorate. We also perform projects for the Morava River Authority, Oder River Authority and Czech Forest Authority. Last but not least our company is a significant supplier for regional investors such as regions, cities, local authorities and their controlled organizations. On a smaller scale we perform construction projects as a subcontractor for general contractors.

In the current era, which can be called ‘the global merging of nations’ and which brings, among other things, high demands on communication and transportation, we would like to expand and work on construction projects also outside the Czech Republic, particularly in the area of transportation infrastructure.

Our company also successfully introduced a new information system and controlling system providing timely and correct information for performing analyses, planning and project management as well as corporate management.

HR policy policy of the company supports company development by means of a controlled increase in the professional level of all staff categories. We strive to develop a quality core of own highly qualified employees; we also regularly employ fresh graduates. We consider this HR policy to be a suitable way of increasing competitiveness on the market. Construction projects are controlled by employees with appropriate certificates. Our company supports the employees in their professional and language education.

We are convinced that our offer is appealing: high quality designs, engineering, construction supply, commissioning, quality warranty and post-warranty service.

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